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Graduate of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Italy with best experience in TV set up ,in the stage of theatre and performing arts for more than 20 consecutive years in Cyprus and Europe with a strong biography.

The history and evolution of scenography in Cyprus has began in the 1930s with the name of the “Mavrogenis” family.

Once, this category was called “interior decoration”, that means “interior decoration” what we now call scenery design.
The era of the studios and all the work, both theatrical and cinematic, turned into the platform without much perception and means of external shooting, resulting in more realism.

The studios started shooting in locations, which means that this category changes name to set decoration to be transformed to “product design”.

So everything that we see in the field of spectacle with the selection of natural or technical countries is the responsible result for the designer with the creation of the stage decoration.

It chooses the dominant colour position and with the correct perception of production it represents a new era with every modern evolution of our times.

A scenic secret is the evolution of the artist through the schools taught in stage design and one of them is no other than the faculty of fine and applied arts in Limassol and Nicosia Studio8 school of art & design, the founder and chief executive today is Andreas Mavrogenis.

No one made his dream of success without proper bases for complete study.